Shannon & Chris Elope ~ Koonyum Range Retreat

This Intimate elopement in the Byron Bay Hinterland was also featured on Polka Dot Bride. Their story is so so sweet.

A young girl of only 10, bare faced and scruffy haired moved to a new Darwin school. There she met a boy, blue eyed and full of silence that made her tummy flutter and face grin ear to ear. She knew that he liked her, but the words never passed his lips. Whispers in the school yard reinforced their feelings for each other. A tug of war friendship transpired, their unspoken words and passing glances sending their hearts racing and their minds to a wonderland of future promise. The years passed quickly and soon they were off to different high schools, never far from each other’s thoughts and what might have been. In 2009 curiosity got the better of them and they reconnected. They promised each other that if they were ever in the same place they would meet up and reminisce on days gone by.

On the 16th of May 2015, their lives changed forever. Meeting once again, face to face for the first time since childhood. They had come full circle. Falling in love again quickly and without fear they were soon best friends, lovers and partners in crime. One year to the day later, under the shade of a fig tree in the school yard where they first met, Chris proposed to Shannon. She said yes.